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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Men: What to Wear on a Job Interview

Today's casual work environment may mean that you can interview in a t-shirt and blue jeans, with shaving optional, but for most job seekers dressing up for the interview is required. The best way to know for certain what is expected is to make a call to Human Resources to confirm the expected dress code. Yes, you need to know this information or you could find yourself seriously underdressed for a job interview. For a truly professional look, the following recommendations should be kept in mind as you assemble your wardrobe.

Clean shaven -- Beards, moustaches and goatees may be acceptable for most interviews, but your facial hair needs to be shaped and trimmed. Do not even think of showing up for an interview if you are sporting a five o'clock shadow or an untrimmed two- or three-day growth. Better yet, if you are in the middle of growing a beard and your face looks a bit scary, shave it off. You can always grow your beard back once you have been hired.

Cover it up -- Tattoos have gained increased acceptance, but that doesn't mean that you should strut your stuff at your job interview. Cover up your tats and, if you have nose rings and other body piercings, remove these as well. Figure that the more conservative a company's culture, the more care you need to take as you prepare for your interview. When in doubt, simply cover it up for the interview.

Go light on jewelry -- A ring and a watch are fine for any man preparing to interview, but if both hands have rings on every finger and you're jangling bracelets and sporting a distracting earring, these can work against you. Certainly, you can express yourself, but leave that personal expression for your own time, not the interview. Trim and clean your nails too!

Choose a suit -- Unless you own a suit, you will have to buy one. You can bust your budget here or you can go a more sensible route and choose a suit, preferably one that is on sale. Avoid a trendy suit as you won't get much use out of it a year or two from now when styles change. A pinstriped or subtle plaid suit in blue is always useful and can cost you from $150. Get fit for your suit and have it tailored. Match this suit with the appropriate shirt and tie. Speaking of ties, choose a conservative design that enhances your look.

Accessorize with confidence -- Dark leather shoes are ideal for an interview and these need to be shined. If your shoes are suede, these need to brushed. A new, leather briefcase or portfolio will enhance your image, especially if you are applying for an executive or management job. If you don't own either, ask a friend to borrow his.

Style Considerations

By all means get a hair cut before your interview. Work with a stylist to come up with a look that you like and one that is also professional. Your stylist may be able to offer additional tips on your choice of wardrobe, advising you on a tie that matches your eyes or a shirt that blends in with your complexion. Assemble your wardrobe several days before your interview, try everything on and ask a friend for feedback. From the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, you need to give a professional impression, one that tells the interviewer that you are a serious candidate for the job at first glance.

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